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Why Do I Need To Provide Security Questions?

  • Security questions are used so you can restore access to your account if you forget your password.


  • Please choose questions and answers that you will remember in the future.
  • All three questions and answers must be selected and answered.
  • Answers are NOT case-sensitive.
  • All three selected questions must be unique.

New Password Requirements

Password must contain

8 characters or more
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Password must not

Include your first or last name
Be a previously used password
Include the characters @, &, ", ', #, comma, space, <, >
Include your FlashLine username
Contain more than 4 repeating characters
Contain more than 24 characters

Reset by Personal Information


  • You must select two out of three options
  • Your KSU ID is our 9 digit number that starts with 8
  • Your temporary password will be sent to the Alternative Email registered with your account

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